All about Bottled and Jerred packaged

These are two kinds of bottles, the first one is plastic-type bottles, and Jerred means bottles of glass. The main purpose of these is the storage of goods and anything that you easily can store 

In the old time, there were no plastic bottles but Jerred used in old time. Plastic is the invention of a new generation. These two types of bottles are very useful and helpful for everyone, you can easily store your useful things. There are following some advantages and disadvantages of these bottles. 

Plastic bottles

Nowadays there is plastic in everything because it has many benefits. Plastic bottles are not heavy weights and their weight is light and can easily be carried It is recyclable. If you store water and milk in the bottle there is no fear of leakage and dropping as you feel when you have a shopper if in any situation your bottle dropped then your water and milk will be safe Nowadays bottles are usually used for cold water in the freezer. Because of its light take a water bottle to the office. Plastic feeders are also used to feed babies. 

The advantages of plastic bottles over glass Jerred

The most obvious advantage of plastic bottles is that they are lighter than glass Jerred, and therefore cheaper to ship. But there are many other benefits as well. For one thing, plastic bottles are much stronger than glass jerred. They can withstand much higher pressures, so they are better suited for carbonated beverages than glass jarred. And when you need to reuse a bottle, plastic is much easier to clean up than glass. It also has a longer shelf life than glass.


With many advantages, there are some disadvantages to plastic. Plastic takes 500 to 100 years to reduce. It is harmful to animals when an animal eats it unknowingly and it struck in the throat.

When plastic bottles are burnt it becomes the reason for pollution for our environment especially it harms our children. We can’t waste it easily. Germs can attack things that are stored in plastic bottles. 


Jerred is the type of bottle but these are glass bottles. This is used to store honey,gem, and pickles. Many people use these bottles for decoration. It is the fashion of this generation to keep fishes into the Jerred. Jerred save your products from germs and there is no fear of germs.

The advantages of glass Jerred over Plastic bottles

Glass is an extremely durable material. It can be recycled and refilled many times over. Glass containers last longer than their plastic counterparts, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them as often. However, it’s important to remember that glass is a fragile material and not suited for all types of liquids. The best way to determine if glass is the right choice for your product is to look at its density. Liquids with high densities are best stored in glass containers, while those with low densities are better suited to plastic.


The big disadvantage of Jerred is the fear of falling the products that you have stored in Jerred.

When Jerred breaks it becomes a dangerous weapon and reason for a deep cut. It could be a blast because increasing of the temperature. 


There is a lot of usage of bottles. Many things are packed in bottles it could be plastic bottles or glass bottles. But plastic is used more than Jerred. For example, plastic bottle is used in mineral water, cold drinks, and many others. Everyone likes to buy a plastic bottle because it,s lightweight. On the other hand, the weight of glass bottles is high than plastic. 

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