Gautam Adani,s net worth

Gautam Adani belongs to a middle-class family in Gujrat. He was born in Ahmedabad Gujrat on 24 June 1962. His father was not so much rich, he was a merchant of a small textile company. They were seven siblings in the family. Gautam Adani in his teenage worked in his father’s textile company as a worker but he was interested in business. That’s why he chooses to do business and make his name in the business industry and prove himself as the fifth wealthiest man in the world. He is a poor lover because he himself is not from the royal family and can feel the pain of the poor. Through his business, Gautam Adani provides jobs to the poor to stable their home situation. 

Gautam Adani,s Education  

Gautam Adani got his basic education from the local government schools of Gujrat. Then he got admission to Gujrat University to complete his graduation in commerce but unfortunately, he struck off from the university in his second year. 

Career of Gautam Adani

In his starting career, Adani worked with his father,s company but he felt uncomfortable there because his dreams were big and he want to do some big. Then he decided to go to Mumbai to get a better opportunity he worked there in a diamond shop but he did not earn as he expected and he start to be the broker of diamonds in Zaveri Market. In 1981 his brother start a plastic factory and told him to come back and control the factory. But at that time they don’t have plastic material as per the requirement, then Adani makes a contract with Mandra port for plastic import and export. Later he became the partner of Mandra port. In 1993 government allowed private companies to manage the Mandra port. Later he start a business of coal and did many other businesses. Gautam is the owner of Mumbai airlines and six more. He also has a cooking oil mil

Gautam Adani,s Net Worth

Many people compare Gautam Adani with Mukesh Ambani that who is richer. But there is no big difference between their net worth Gautam Adani is a few Billion dollars up from Ambani, his net worth is about 123 billion dollars. 

Tragedies of Adani  

The first big tragedy that happened to him was in 1997, when he was coming back from the club with Shantilal, two bikers follow them and kidnapped him. The demand of the o kidnapper was 1.5 crore but luckily they let him go without getting money, how? No one knows.

And second time during a terrorist attack in 2008  in Mumbai he was in the Taj hotel it was. It was his luck that he came out safe.

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