How do I become a copywriter?

Beyond these qualities of know-how and interpersonal skills, the job of advertising designer requires specific technical skills. Solid training is therefore absolutely necessary. The aspiring advertising designer can choose specific training or university training.

Many paths are possible to access this profession, including the school of advertising, applied arts, journalism or business. With regard to university training, the student can choose between two options, either the humanities or human sciences (bac +4/5) or training that affects the advertising industry (professional master).

In addition, to complete his program, the student has every interest in following literary training. End-of-studies internships are also recommended to gain experience. The presentation of a reference book is finally in order, the job of copywriter being one of the (rare) professions where we judge primarily on the results.

The copywriter works most of the time in an advertising agency where he can progress to the position of creative director. He can also create his own agency or work as a freelance.

Training and studies

Do you want to do this job, but you don’t know which course to follow? As the job of a copywriter is still relatively recent in US, there are no typical courses. Almost all roads can lead to copywriting.

Specialized training

There are specialized online copywriting courses to become a copywriter. However, these remain rare. They also guarantee access to employment, as the most important thing for a content writer is to be creative. They must also be able to present their advertising work and the results they have obtained. These must be translated in terms of business success and customer satisfaction.

Specialized schools

The majority of students interested in the profession of copywriter choose to join a  School of Communication, Marketing Advertising, or even Commerce. This training has the advantage of being provided most of the time by professionals. They also offer the opportunity to carry out internships which allow a better practice of the profession as well as a simplified integration into the labor market.

We are all a bit of a copywriter in our hours

With the development of the digital age and the Web, the profession of a copywriter is gradually becoming known and attracting more and more candidates. You should know, however, that contrary to what we imagine or what we are dangling, it is a demanding job that requires a host of skills. While the vast majority of people are certainly capable of writing a short text, few have a real talent for capturing the interest of a reader and encouraging them to take action.

a copywriter
“Proofreader at work, working in a novel and using professional proofreader signs. Proofreading concepts Lightbox:”

Despite this, almost all of us do Copywrite without even realizing it to convince, sell, or seduce. We use this technique when, for example, we write a cover letter and a curriculum vitae in response to a job offer, an ad to sell an apartment or an old car, a love note in a card, an invitation to friends to attend a birthday party, a note to his neighbor to ask him kindly to lower the volume of his sound system.

The know-how and interpersonal skills of the copywriter

The copywriter is a text specialist. As such, he must have an excellent command of the language in which he writes (spelling, grammar, vocabulary, figures of speech). His general knowledge must also be of a very good level.

He must also have the meaning of words, phrases, and the shocking, catchy, slightly provocative sentence if necessary, to reach the intended audience. He is also a creator at heart who is aware of the fashions and tastes of the public as well as the trends of the moment. He is endowed with a very good critical sense and reflection, an unparalleled synthetic mind as well as the facility to assert his points of view to convince his client.

In addition to his know-how, he must demonstrate character traits that distinguish him from his peers. Inventiveness and imagination of course, but also curiosity, responsiveness, diligence, team spirit, sense of humor, resistance to stress and frustration, and openness to new ideas are some of the qualities that will contribute to its success.

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