Real soccer junkies all dream of one day becoming a recognized professional player. The procedure to follow is quite simple. Integrate a  soccer training center, which is quite difficult, because too much competition and places are expensive. In order to optimize your chance to enter one of these soccer training centers and become a professional player, here are some recommendations that may be useful to you.

Getting noticed by a professional soccer training center is no easy task.

Know that the detection system in Canada is one of the best in the world. Already at the age of 15, many of the best players have already been detected and approached by a club with a professional training center. There are always exceptions when you are over 15 years old. Players like Éric Carrière, for example, have never passed through a center before being recruited into small divisions, and gravitate from the ranks.

soccer is usually detected from the age of 12 to 13, sometimes before. At the age of 13 or 14, the observation of a first selective sorting takes place, because part of it integrates “sports studies” schools and/or pre-training centers. Then there will be selections that aim to keep those who are better who will subsequently be recruited by a professional soccer training center. When you have talent, and you play well with your club, you have a good chance of being sooner or later spotted by the recruiter of a professional club who will offer you to join his team. However, you can always try your hand at joining a center when you do not have a club.

There are up to 30 of these famous centers which are difficult to access. It will not be enough for you to show up one fine morning to hope to be recruited. These centers organize their own open doors to detect the best elements. They organize them at various levels to achieve their goal.

What do you need to hope to be detected by a pro soccer training center?

You will have to be motivated and have a lot of talent to be able to stand out from the crowd, in order to be spotted by one of these professional clubs. You have to convince by your ease in handling the ball, your defensive placement, your anticipation, and above all show that you remain decisive in the face of the goal. However, talent alone is not enough to stand out and become a professional footballer, it will also require a mind of steel. You must not give up anything, know how to question yourself if necessary, get up after each fall, and above all be able to adapt, and integrate.

What would be the number one criterion to be a good soccer player?

soccer is a team sport, which must therefore be studied using group performance indicators. To measure it, we calculate the SCP index, that is to say, the shared cumulative selections. This measure is used to determine how many games a team, made up of exactly the same players, has played together. In this World Cup, French players are among the best in the world. The Blues also have the market value, quantified by cumulating the value of potential players’ transfers, the highest of the 32 qualified teams. On the other hand, it is a young team with a weak SCP. In 2018, this index barely reached 600 shared cumulative matches, one of the lowest in the competition. Against Peru, Australia and Denmark, the French players have only scored three goals. On paper, these teams are however well within the reach of the Blues, but are superior in terms of SCP, especially around 1,200 games for Peru. Based on this indicator, the Belgian team appears as the favorite in this world, with a record score of 2,000 matches played together. After all of this, you can be sure you’ve put the odds in your favor.

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