How to write a cover letter?

A cover letter is a document file for applying in any company to get some work for any post that you want to apply for. It consists of one to two pages and works as a resume and c.v and almost similar.It should consist of one page not so long that readers get bored by reading. In one page you write all the information that makes your cover letter attractive. It is sent to the HR manager because he decides which person is perfect for the job and which is not.He takes the interview but your first interview is your cover letter. If you make a good cover letter then you are selected for the further interview. So you have to pay full attention when you are writing a cover letter because your cover letter decides how you are a genius.

There is the following pattern and sequence that is required to write a good cover letter.

Start with name & address

Always start your letter with your full name and your permanent and your current address also. It is compulsory to connect and excess to you. Ever tried to apply to that company that is near to your address because sometimes applicants reject you for being so far from the company. Usually every company give first priority to the nearest applicant. It’s a reason behind that nearer can come and go easily and not will demand for vacations.

Company name and address

You should write the name and address of that company in which you are applying. It shows how much  you did research about the company and how much you know about the company.It is also an important part of the letter.

Date of writing

Mention the date when you are writing the cover letter. If you fail to get a job the first time and get late to post a letter,it will remind the manager to give you a chance first. So don’t miss to write a date on a letter. These are small things that make your letter good.

Purpose of letter

It seems nonsense heading that write the reason why you are writing when everyone knows that it’s writing for a job. But it,s meaning not like that  it,s means write a designation for that you are applying. You should  have proper knowledge about the designation that you are applying for.

Your experience

Add your previous experience about this work and also add other experiences. Through your experience you  can convince the HR manager that you are best for this job and also show your interest in the job.

Your availability

In this section you have to add that when and from you are available and can join the company. Also write down that you are comfortable in any shift and can manage any shift.

Don’t mention salary

Never mention your expected salary in the cover letter. It could be a weak point of the letter. Just negotiate about your expected salary and clear queries on the day of interview .


You can say that the cover letter is a half interview. Now everyone is using this way to apply in any company. You can apply online and physically. Through letters you convey your career, your work image and experience in advance to impress the HR manager.How much will your letter be good as much you will be appreciated.


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