Low Tuck Kwong Net Worth

Low Tuck Kwong is counted as the wealthiest businessman in Indonesia. He is on the fourth of the Indonesian wealthiest list. He was born on April 17, 1948, in Singapore. He is married and has two children.  He started his career by joining his father,s company, he worked here as an employee. But later in 1972 he the company of his father and moved to Indonesia.

Low Tuck Kwong Career and Net Worth

He start his career in 1972 when he said goodbye to the company of his father and took interest in coal mining. It was a lucky time for Low Tuck Kwong when he bought his own coal mine in 1997. After that, he carried on the path of success and prove himself as a billionaire in Indonesia. He made a contract with India to provide 100 million tonnes of coal from 2015-2040. He loves pets a lot that’s why he has his own zoo and there are many pets. Now his business is spread in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. The net worth of Low Tuck Kwong is around 7 Billion Dollars. 


Low Tuck is ideal for middle-class businessmen who are nervous about success it is a message for them just that work in which you are interested, because in if work would be your favorite then you will fully pay attention. Low himself started his career as an employee and reached the owner of the coal mining company. 

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