Things to do on birthday

Birth is a sign of happiness and hope. When a baby is born as a boy or girl it takes happiness with itself and spread the happiness to the whole home. Children are the hope of their parents because parents think that these babies will support them when they will reached their old age. After one year when the same day of birth comes, they feel the same happiness as birth and celebrate a happy birthday and enjoy it a lot. On the day of the birthday, the whole family is busy in the arrangement of parties and giving surprises to that baby. The baby feels the same happiness as his\her parents felt on his\her first birthday. This thing continues every year till death. There are some things too on your birthday.

Arrange a party 

The way to enjoy the birthday is to arrange the party. With your family and friends, you can enjoy a party. Party is the name of gathering and with gathering, you can make fun and enjoy a lot and make your party wonderful.

 Go to beach

Beach is a relaxing place where you enjoy it openly. In summer you can enjoy swimming and cold water and in winter you can enjoy the sunlight. A light song can add more enjoyment.

Take a trip

A trip is the best way to enjoy yourself. Go with family and friends take some fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. Through the trip, you can take beautiful pictures of beautiful places and save them for memories.

Birthday gift

It is the responsibility of the family and friends that they have to give birthday gifts to whose birthday. That gift makes the person happy and it felt respect and love for you.

Go for skydiving

Skydiving creates an adventure scene. You just go skydiving and face the fears that are hidden in you and get rid of them. It will help you to be a brave person and make you able to face any difficulty. Skydiving will make your birthday adventurous.

Go to zoo

The zoo is enjoyable for kids as well as elders. Go to the zoo and enjoy seeing many animals with old friends. The zoo is a hustle and bustle place where no one can bored.

Play cricket match

If you are a game lover then hold a cricket match on a selected ground. Makes two teams one of a family team and the other of a friend,s team. And play a thrilling match and make your birthday happy. Another benefit of cricket is that it is a game and exercise as well.

Buy gift by yourself

On your birthday it is amazing if you buy a gift by yourself. On your birthday everyone gives you gifts some you like and some don’t. But you know that you like it just you can decide your favorite things. So that’s why you just go to the bazaar and buy a gift by yourself.

Donate a charity

If you are a poor lover then it is the best way to donate to a charity. By doing this you make poor people happy on your happy day and share your happiness with them.

Get a tattoo

The tattoo has become the fashion of this generation. If you are a tattoo lover and decided to get the tattoo on your birthday. Then it is the best day to fulfill your wish on a happy day.


In the old times, there were not many ways to celebrate a birthday. The people of that time celebrate their birthday simply. They just enjoy themselves at home or just go on trips because that time didn’t progress so much. But this is a modern time we have a lot of ways to enjoy our birthday and events. We have facilities for enjoyment. Everyone deserves to celebrate this day so much because this day is the symbol of life and everyone loves his life.

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