What is Gobo?

Gobo is a famous vegetable in Asia but most famous in Japan. It,s other name is burdock root and in Japan, it is called Kinpira Gobo. The name Gobo starts in 1923.  It is used in Japan as a usual vegetable in a daily  routine. It is a lengthy vegetable like carrot, cucumber, and Loki but it is more lengthy than these vegetables. It,s length is about 3 to 4 feet. It grows under the dust. It has two colours from the outside it,s colour is brown and from the inside it,s colour is white. It is also used in China. The taste of the gobo is like cucumber and artichoke. 

Season of Gobo  

Gobo is available whole the year but just in separate countries where it is used a lot. But if want a fresh Gobo then it,s season starts in June and July. 

Medical Benifits of Gobo

Gobo is very good for health and has a lot of advantages and is full of medical benefits. Gobo provides calories to the body and controls the sugar level. It has a lot of Potassium that helps to control the heartbeat normal and maintain blood pressure. Gobo also helps fat persons to reduce their weight and make them fit. In China Gobo is used for herbal medicine, and it resolves many problems of the skin. It is useful for internal as well as external diseases. 

How to use  

Gobo is a vegetable that is full of dust when we get it out of the land. After getting it put it in the newspaper or a paper that is used to cook fish in a fire. And then keep it frozen in the freezer for one to two weeks. After two weeks get it out and wash and cook as you want because it is used as a vegetable and also as a snack, some people put it into the rice to make it tasty. Chips of gobo are very tasty if ever want to try gobo chips.  

Gobo Sushi 

Sushi is also a Chinese and Japanese dish Suchi is non-fried fish that is very tasty and popular. Many use gobo in sushi to make it tastier. First of all, makes the role of sushi and put gobo in that role and enjoy both tastes. 

Another term for Gobo

Gobo is just not a vegetable Gobo is also used for lighting balance. Gobo is a lighting system that is used in theatre and photoshop. In theatre, gobo uses on the projector to remove shadows. In Photoshops gobo is used to balance lighting and remove unusual lights is also used for shadow where a shadow needs for having a good picture. Gobo’s body makes of stainless steel. It could be big and normal size. 


Here we talked about two terms of gobo first is about Gobo vegetable and the second is about lighting but the main topic is Gobo vegetable. As we know every vegetable has it befits but Gobo has more benefits. It is more special just for many advantages of medical. It is used in China, Japan and as well as in some Asian countries. Many people use it as a vegetable and as well as medicine with enjoyment they they get treatment also.

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